Bird Repellent- Combo

Bird Repellent with Sonic + Ultrasound

Bird repellent combo Model is highly recommended for Warehouse, Factories, Industries and Agriculture Lands etc. The most effective and successful Bird Repellent Combo model comes with sonic and Ultra Sound.
Bird repellent– Combo- OPM device comes with two units. One is the Sonic another is Ultrasonic Device. As per our research and study the Bird Repellent combo model with both sounds is more effective and gives better result because the sonic sound creates the threatening sound for the smaller birds and the ultra sound is used to make the non comfort zones for the Birds. The non comfort zone is just like warning- Please do not come here, Search some other peaceful place for you. This unit is the most effective, suitable device, widely used for Warehouses, factory and agriculture areas.


  • Smooth to Disaster mode available with Ultrasound unit.
  • Fully automatic device.
  • The threatening sonic sound along with ultrasound for creating non comfort zone without harming birds.
  • Different frequency selection knob is used to avoid the immunity factor.
  • The device is very much useful in Warehouse, Agriculture and Factory Areas.

Birds affected:

  • The Birds affected by the device are Pigeons, Sparrow, Crow etc along with Large Birds like Bats.

Other Models:

  • Ultrasonic Bird Repellent– for large office
  • Bird Away– for small balcony and garden
  • Sonic + Ultrasonic Combo– for Industries, warehouse, agriculture land & factories
  • Sonic Bird Chaser


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