Ultrasonic Mosquito & Pest Repellent

Mosquito - Pest Repellent is an advanced electronic instrument that protects you without being noticed and leaving the air that you breathe free from any odor. The device sets you free from mosquitoes & pests with imperceptible ultrasound. The unique device diffuses ultrasounds at a wide range that cannot be audible for humans. The working frequency varies automatically from 22 to 28 KHz to avoid an immunity factor and disturbing mosquitoes of different species.
You cannot hear the sound, its ultrasound above 20 kHz. It does not disturb you at all and it is fully safe to use. It does not diffuse any substance in the air.


  • Ultrasound from 22 to 28 KHz to avoid an immunity factor.
  • A fully automatic device.
  • Disturbing mosquitoes & Pests of different species.
  • Can be used in Offices, Home & Restaurant

Other Models:

  • Rat + Pest Repellent– for Restaurants, Hotels, Kitchens, Bakery, Food Units etc
  • Rat + Mosquito Repellent– For Restaurants, Hotels, Food Units etc
  • Ultrasonic Rat Repellent– Power for warehouse, factories, large office, Restaurants, Hotels, Food Units, Agriculture units etc.


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