Ultrasonic Animal Repellent- Power

Ultrasonic Animal Repellent - Power with LED

OPM Ultrasonic Animal / Dog Monkey repellent - Power is an advanced electronic device with period and frequency selection knobs. It protects you from Animals like Dogs, Monkey etc without being noticed. The device emits ultrasound of 20 to 70 KHz frequency which is not audible to human. It is creating a non comfort zone for the animal without harming them


  • Period mode available with Ultrasound unit.
  • A fully automatic device.
  • The threatening ultrasound for creating non comfort zone without harming Animals
  • Different frequency selection knob is available to avoid any immunity factor.
  • Adjustable ultrasonic frequency range from 6.8 kHz to 70kHz ( 10 frequency levels )
  • The device is very much useful for Factory, Warehouse and large Areas.

Other Models:

  • Ultrasonic Rat Repellent – Power for warehouse, factories, large office, Restaurants, Hotels, Food Units, Agriculture units etc.
  • Combo - Sonic + Ultrasonic Bird Repellent for birds like Pigeons, Sparrow, Crow etc
  • Rat + Pest Repellent – for Restaurants, Hotels, Kitchens, Bakery, Food Units etc
  • Rat + Mosquito Repellent – For Restaurants, Hotels, Food Units etc


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