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Integrated birds – bats & pigeon Control solutions for your  warehouse, industry, factory or agriculture land

Birds and pigeon control techniques in warehouse, Factories & Industries are using various threatning methods. The effective Ultrasonic and Sonic method is mostly advisable for Pigeon Solution in the industry. Modulation and integration of two effective sounds i.e. sonic ( 10 to 20 KHz) and ultrasonic ( above 20 KHz ) to produce highly effective solution for birds problem in the industries, warehouses and agriculture land. Therefore with bird threatening sound and creating a non comfort zone is just like  asking the birds to shift somewhere else.  The warehouse pigeon control solution is provided by OPM Organization with the latest UL-SO technology. Integrated sound of different frequency is one of the the most effective way for Industrial pigeon problem. Because  there is industrial sound that may create high immunity among the birds. 

Integrating sonic pigeon control is more effective

The Sonic Bird repellent for pigeon problem uses a natural predatory principle to scare them. Because the  powerful loudspeaker broadcasts predatory calls of the hawk, falcon, eagle, and owl species to threaten the small bird. Besides that, the user may choose to use the auto function where a 5-30 minutes time interval may be set for the Sonic repellent to operate automatically. Other natural methods like light reflection, physical bird spikes & threatening are integrated to get the best result for pigeon problem and bird control. You may fill the bird solution form with complete details like area, type of birds etc. Our experts shall send out recommendation for all type birds & pigeon solution.